Wishing you had greater energy for your busy life? Want to eat better but not sure where to start? Want to live with vitality throughout your life? Eating a 'healthy' diet but not reaching your goals? Nutritional Therapy can help. Allow me to be an ally in your journey towards optimal health, towards finding a sustainable, delicious, and energizing way to eat. I provide the tools, knowledge and support to help you reach your goals.

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Our bodies are composed of about 50 trillion cells and each of these needs the proper nutrition to function at peak level. When our cells are not getting good nutrition, our bodies cannot function at the level we need. The Standard American Diet (SAD) can make getting good nutrition a real challenge. Even if you are making the effort to eat a healthy diet, it may not be the right diet for your body. We will work together to identify  a delicious, nourishing, sustainable way to eat and live to support your best health.

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