Radiant Health Program

The Radiant Health Program is a 3 month program designed to dig deep and support your breakthrough transformation.

For the professional, creative person to liberate yourself from perceived restrictions, reclaim your energy, and feel great in your body for a lifetime!

If you’re ready to feel more energized and alive- feeling comfortable in your own skin, excited for life’s possibilities, and rejuvenated, with all the skills and knowledge you need to maintain that spark-

Then join me in my Radiant Health program!

Is this you?

  • Tired of feeling tired all the time

  • Wish you could figure out what to eat to feel better

  • Not comfortable in your body

  • Overwhelmed with all the ‘wellness’ dogma out there

  • Lethargic, frustrated, and depressed about your lack of vitality

If this is you then it is time to change your wellness story for good and step into a new Way of Being by following a step-by-step program to confidently reclaim your energy!

This is why I am so excited to invite you into my

Radiant Health Program!


Here is what your experience looks like when we work together:

-You feel like you can achieve your wellness goals without confusion;

-You are able to reconnect to self-love and self-worth;

-Every day you are gaining more clarity about your wellness vision and how to achieve it;

-You’ve reclaimed your metabolic birthright and feel great again;

-You are feeling your energy restored- and feeling good when you wake up in the morning;

-Your body is fueled for optimum vitality daily;

-You’re amazed at yourself for maintaining wellness habits that have always been elusive, as we set you up with a sustainable system;

-Your mood is elevated, you experience more stable emotions, and greater capacity for creativity because you’re implementing techniques I am teaching you;

-You’ve liberated yourself from endless restriction and are restoring your vital mind-body connection.

This is what others say about working with me:

“I can’t tell you how much my life has changed since starting this work, healing from the inside not just physically but emotionally, everything. It’s been amazing.” M. N.

“Here is a long list of all of the benefits I have gained from your program: I have less asthma, no more back aches, off of BP meds! I am no longer pre-diabetic, less joint pain; I am saving tons of money on wine and food; I have a clearer head and improved memory; I lost 20 lbs and finally bringing out clothes I love that I couldn't fit into. My morale and confidence are boosted, I have a better connection to food and my body. I have a clean and uncluttered fridge!! And I am learning new recipes- I love to cook! Finally, I have MORE ENERGY and my heartburn and gassy belly are gone!” L. C.

My journey from lackluster to vibrant and energized:

Before my own journey, when I woke up in the morning, I would feel like I had been hit by a truck I was so tired and achy. As soon as I felt overwhelmed with life I would reach for the comfort food I knew was bad for my body but propped up my soul. This, of course, was a downward spiral.

Eventually I found a way forward, but it took a long time- I had to find each piece myself, with a combination of luck, struggle, and trial and error.


By putting together each nugget of information I found, I started feeling energized in the morning, I shed the extra pounds I had been dragging around, and I began to feel like I knew how to properly fuel my body and my spirit for the first time in my life. I started sleeping better, kicked the sugar habit, and found the spark I needed to get moving again. I also found my voice and desire to share these valuable tools with others.

I felt hope again, and I have continued the journey forward, maintaining those initial changes and adding on deeper tools of reconnecting our mind and body, letting go of the negative thought patterns that hold us back, and evolving even more into authenticity.

I know how it feels to think you are stuck; not feeling comfortable in your skin, not knowing what to eat to feel good, feeling held back by self-doubt and limiting beliefs, wondering if you will ever reach the point in your life where you are truly living up to your potential and living you creativity with vitality and energy.

I used to feel lost and scattered, low energy and aimless, not feeling at home in myself, and lacking any sense of work/life balance.

So, it is nice to meet you- I am Andrea J. Walker, NTP, a Radiant Health Specialist. I help people liberate themselves from their perceived restrictions so they can feel alive and energetic!

I can help you restore your hope too.

I lead a program where I use the tools and knowledge I’ve gained and create a custom fit just for you and your specific needs- no more cookie cutter solutions! To accomplish this, we work together through changes in mindset, habits, nutrition, and lifestyle. I will guide you to align your inner compass with powerful clarity so you can step into the full expression of your creative gift, and finally be able to create the life you envision!

 Ready to reclaim your energy?

Here is what’s inside this exclusive custom Radiant Health program:

Diving into Self Love  

-     Explore your big ‘why’ so you can power up your motivation engine

-     Prepare fully for the work so you can step forward with success

-     Restore your hope so you can evolve with confidence

-     Exchange negative self-beliefs for positive so you can support your highest evolution

-     Reconnect to self-love so you can give your body what it needs to thrive


Restoring Ancestral Health

-     Rocket your progress forward by learning what your body really needs

-     Learn skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime so you will always know how to maintain your new energy

-     Feel supported in making dietary and lifestyle changes so you can be more comfortable as you make big progress

-     Understand how the body works so you can cut through diet dogma

-     Transform ‘diet mentality’ to abundance and joyful nourishment so you can liberate yourself from endless restriction

-     Learn how the right nutrition helps your body detox naturally so you can feel your body running lighter, cleaner, and with more spark

-     Leave behind food confusion so you can step into lasting clarity around what to eat

-     Leapfrog over all the books and websites into a step by step program so you can quickly get started making positive changes


Reconnecting Mind and Body

-     Practice simple mindfulness tools so you can feel more grounded and calmer in your life

-     Improve cellular function and detoxification with deep relaxation techniques so you can support optimal body function

-     Understand the power of meditation so you understand the importance of prioritizing these wellness practices

-     Learn 3 easy steps that can help anyone establish a consistent meditation practice so you can enjoy the benefits daily


Removing Subconscious Blocks to Success

-     Identify and change negative subconscious programming so you can create change in your life and health with grace and ease

-     Change negative thought patterns permanently so you can leave self-sabotaging behaviors behind for good

-     Create a new framework for personal leadership and effectiveness so you can fully step into your wellness vision


Finding Your Joy in Movement

-     Uncover your own unique way to exercise that might not look like anything you’ve ever thought of before so you by-pass your resistance to movement once and for all!

-     Discover your personal joy in movement so you can’t wait to get moving every day!

-     Use movement practices consistently so you can build more energy daily


Integration and Rooting into Sustainable Practice

-     Get clear on what you have time for in your schedule so you can commit to your new wellness practices in real time

-     Learn how to evaluate what has been most helpful so you can prioritize your long term wellness protocol

-     Bypass countless chronic illnesses by integrating your newfound health habits so you can live an energetic and creative life for good

-     Discover how to overhaul your eating and lifestyles no matter how busy you are so you don’t slip back into unhealthy patterns


 The program also includes:

-     Zoom consults for each weekly session: a robust way to stay connected and communicate that can happen anytime, from anywhere, from the comfort of your home or office

-     PDF handouts of curriculum and guides: a full set of supporting documents with notes, guides, tips, instructions, and more

-     Ongoing list of outside resources and materials: I read the books and websites so you don’t have to and I share the best of the best with you

-     NAQ Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire with analysis: this allows me to know if there are specific issues of support needed around topics like digestion, blood sugar regulation, nutrient sufficiency, adrenal function, and more so you can have the best success possible



(VALUED at $1000)

-     You will be able to ask me questions via email and get exceptional support throughout the program

-      I will hold you as powerful no matter what and help you feel encouraged in your efforts

-     I will share my wide library of tools to help you solve your problems and learn the lessons, to prevent them from repeating again

-     I will also support you energetically and spiritually, assisting your Mind, Body, and Soul on this path of deep Self-discovery and Health transformation



(VALUED at $250)

-     The price of your initial Radiant Health Assessment Consult will be included in the program for those who sign up at the time of consult!


BONUS#3: Meditation Support Package

(VALUED at $300)

-Tools to help you deepen your meditation practice so you can get the most out of the time you have

-Establish a new habit quickly and effectively to maximize your health benefit and de-mystify this important component of a healthy life

-Create daily rituals that are enjoyable and rich so you will feel compelled to stay consistent


BONUS#4: Selected Curated Book Gifts

(VALUED at $150)

-     The best current thinking- book selections delivered

-     Enjoy handpicked selections to deepen your understanding of relevant topics so the information becomes second nature

-     Learn from experts around the world so you can be at the leading edge of wellness thinking

-     Expand your outlook of what is possible to achieve so you can exceed your expectations

 If you are:

  • Ready to rediscover your true self so you can feel more alive and live with energy, creativity, connection, and meaning

  • Prepared to commit to taking responsibility for how you show up in your wellness habits and create positive change

  • Desiring to breakthrough to a more inspired vitality with courage and grace

Then I invite you to join me in this exclusive Radiant Health custom program!

This program is NOT a fit for those who are close-minded or not willing to be self-accountable, or for those who want immediate results without choosing to do the work.


This is what others say about working with me:

“This has been a life-changing adventure with you and I am so glad I had your support to get a good start. In May I put aside bags of clothes to give away that were all too small. I went through them in the last two weeks and they fit! Back in my closet! This doesn't feel like a diet! I really don't have any cravings at all any more. The most liberating thing is to learn that fat is not a dirty word, and learning the science behind all of this. It's been a wonderful experience. 
" -S. C.

“I don’t think I can overemphasize the value of a coach/trainer, for efficiency, but also to improve odds of success and get faster results. I would estimate that my odds of success with a coach are above 80%, and good results within 2 months, whereas without, probably 20%, and it may take years. I realize I just started week 5 of the program. This is a nice milestone, because it’s the longest I’ve stuck with a diet and lifestyle change ever. I think previously 3 weeks was my max. Your support and knowledge is very effective! I am thankful that you are so passionate about all of this. The energy is great.” -P.N.

Step onto the path of guidance towards your new radiance!

Now is the time to courageously claim your authentic vitality so you can live your true purpose without wasting any more precious time!

I would LOVE to help you change your life and step into Radiant Health. Space on my schedule is extremely limited, I give full service attention to my clients and only take on a limited number each month so make sure to click that button below right now- so I can book you for a private consultation right away!

If you have questions about the Radiant Health Program,  send me an email and I will get right back to you and help you decide if this program is right for you. 

Send your message to andrea@nourishstrength.com

and put "Question about Radiant Health Program" in the subject.  I will be in touch ASAP.

I am a Radiant Health Specialist

and I am so looking forward to supporting you as you liberate yourself from perceived restrictions so you can reclaim your energy!

My promise to you is that I will help you rediscover your True Self so you can feel more alive and live with energy, creativity, connection, and meaning!