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GOT INFLAMMATION? (and most of us do)

Maybe you should try GROUNDING!

Here’s the video I viewed recently that caught my attention:


I’ve been aware of grounding for a while but hadn’t thought much about it lately and then it recently came back across my radar. I’m paying a little more attention this time and it is fascinating.

In essence, it couldn’t be simpler- grounding is just walking on the earth in your bare feet. The idea is that the earth carries a negative charge and by being in contact you allow these electrons to slowly transfer to your body.

Why do we want this? Well, this is where it gets interesting- the idea is that we need spare electrons to properly deal with damaged cells in the body. When neutrophils from the immune system encounter a damaged cell, they use these electrons to dismantle the cell. If they don’t have enough electrons available they will take on from a healthy cell; and then so on and so on, in a chain reaction of damaged and inflamed cells.

The theory goes that we have been unduly insulated from the earth by all of our modern synthetic materials and by reclaiming a more ancestral level of contact we are supporting the health of organs, tissues, and cells.

Grounding supposedly supplies the materials necessary for the body to squelch inflammation, which is at the root of many chronic issues; heart disease, joint pain, neuro-degenerative issues like Alzheimer’s, cancers, metabolic disorders like diabetes.

There are a small number of peer reviewed studies in the literature, like this one:

And you can find more.

I also like to hear others’ perspectives, and this post in particular offers some good background and n=1 experiences, especially regarding the positive effects on sleep.

I say, why not? Sounds lovely and it’s free to do the simplest version, walking on the earth. I’m still going to do all my other anti-inflammatory measures, both lifestyle and supplemental. At the very least I think this is a great way to pause in your day and breathe deeply, no matter what the time of year and weather.

Happy grounding and please share your thoughts and experiences!