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Or just want to feel healthier, more vibrant, and full of energy?

I offer a targeted and highly effective 8-week keto coaching program that is one-to-one for custom support. We meet once a week by Zoom video (so you don’t have to get in your car and you can be anywhere!)

I see my role in supporting you as part coach, part teacher, and part accountability partner.

Why you should consider working with me to learn how to keto-adapt:

It is often this time of year that we turn our attention to getting healthier, recovering from holiday abundance, and setting a course for an energetic and creative new year!

Adopting a ketogenic diet can help rocket blast your health goals forward and support you in creating tons of good energy to fuel your creative endeavors.

But why work with a keto coach? Isn’t there a ton of good info out there?

Well yes, and that’s one of the reasons! There is SO MUCH info it’s hard to know how to parse it out and take it all in! And most of my clients are busy folks with full schedules. I’ll help you cut right to the chase and prioritize exactly what you need to know. I’ll also point you to the external resources that I think will help you the most.

And, we all know how tough it can be to stay the course when you are working in isolation.

Here’s what one of my clients had to say:

“I don’t think I can overemphasize the value of a coach/trainer, for efficiency, but also to improve odds of success and get faster results. I would estimate that my odds of success with a coach are above 80%, and good results within 2 months, whereas without, probably 20%, and it may take years.

I realize I just started week 5 of the KETO: Adapt program. This is a nice milestone, because it’s the longest I’ve stuck with a diet change ever. I think previously 3 weeks was my max. Your support and knowledge is very effective.  

I am thankful that you are so passionate about all of this. The energy is great.” -P.N.


Each program out there is a little different, and here is why my program is unique: I don’t believe in any kind of dogma or overly restrictive way of eating for the long term.

I’ll teach you how to regain your metabolic flexibility, turn on your fat burning super powers, and fill your tool kit with effective tools so you know how to ‘drive the car’ of your body and how to have mental freedom around food while still finding the balance point of what keeps you feeling good and healthy.

I believe in keto-adaptation, not dogmatic 100% keto forever. I think our bodies are meant to be able to burn both fat and carbs; and for most of us, more time spent in fat-burning is going to feel better. I’ll show you how to regain that forgotten side of your metabolic birthright, and I’ll break it all down in simple terms so you understand WHY it works.

My hope and dream is that the information and skills you gain in our 8 weeks together lasts you for a lifetime of good health with an understanding of why it works.

What are the benefits of keto-adaptation for the long term?

-Weight loss without hunger or tracking calories

-Reduced inflammation

-Satiated for much longer without needing to refuel- way less ‘hangry’

-Access to your own body’s fat for fuel

-Elimination of hypoglycemic energy patterns, more even energy throughout the day

-Improvement of chronic inflammatory conditions, insulin resistance, obesity, and diabetes

-Reduced metabolic disease factors

-Improved clarity of thinking and long-term brain health

-Hormone balancing that can support greater thyroid health, more balanced women’s cycles, and beyond

Sound good?

Get in touch for a free 20-minute discovery call and let’s talk about how we can get you started on this game-changing program!

Here's what another recent client had to say about the material we use in the course:

"I really like the food a lot, and it doesn't feel like a diet! I really don't have any cravings at all any more. The most liberating thing is to learn that fat is not a dirty word, and learning the science behind all of this. It's been a wonderful experience.
This has been a life-changing adventure with you and I am so glad I had your support to get a good start. In May I put aside bags of clothes to give away that were all too small. I went through them in the last two weeks and they fit! Back in my closet!" -S. C.

And one more:

'“Hi Andrea, I will say that this lifestyle change has been so rewarding. I am having one of my first non-painful moon cycle build ups before my actual period. So this is a lifestyle that I am adopting and I am happy to share that I have lost 10 pounds!” -R. A.

I’d love to add your success story; email me at or give a call at 206-261-2627 and let’s chart a path to help make this your best year ever!




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