Curious about hemp oil? too!

Hemp oil- a remarkable product, a remarkable company

I recently was fortunate to be introduced to a very high-quality hemp-derived phytocannibinoid oil by a dear friend, and I love it. I have been using it now for about 10 days and I feel so grounded, relaxed, and focused. The more I learn about the possibilities the more fascinated I become. I can’t wait to tell everyone about it and bring it into my practice.

Just FYI, this oil has no psychoactive components (no THC) and is legal for sale and use in all fifty states.

The company producing this unique, highly-absorbable and bio-available oil is called Prime My Body, and it’s filled with smart people- naturopaths, chemists, former biochemists, chiropractors, holistic dentists, and more. The CEO is a former organic farmer. The energy around the company is as fascinating as the product itself.

Hemp-derived phytocannibinoid oil is a supplement- a remarkable supplement. It supports the body back to homeostasis, or balance, by providing cannabinoids that engage with the body’s own endogenous (meaning internal) cannabinoid system. As such, it can help support the body back to balance in many areas. Here is some of the verbiage from the company:

“How Cannabinoids work:

The science behind why PrimeMyBody's Hemp Extract is proving to be so effective is based on the Human Endocannabinoid System. This elaborate network is part of our immune system and when it is activated by taking phyto-cannabinoid diols, humans (and animals) have better ability to fight, resist, and assist in repairing the mind and body.
The endocannabinoid system also includes the “cannabinoid receptors” or CB receptors that they bind to.

There are two major types of cannabinoid receptors in our bodies: CB1 and CB2. Activation of the extracellular portion of these receptors causes conformational change and initiates intracellular biochemical reactions. The vast number of cannabinoid receptors and their prevalence throughout the body suggests a multitude of promising therapeutic targets.”

This is really cool stuff.

As I learn more I am starting to see that almost everyone could derive benefits from the balance supporting properties of this product. I won’t glaze your eyes over with more overly dense paragraphs but suffice it to say if you search Pubmed or other scientific studies for studies involving CBD oil you will find a lot of very interesting and life-changing applications.

I’m actually really excited about the possibilities of combining Prime My Body hemp oil with ketogenic diets. They both have many of the same effects: anti-inflammatory action, balancing of body systems, supporting clarity of thought and increased creativity, and returning the body to ‘factory reset’ and better able to do what it does best- maintaining optimum health.

There is also a business opportunity here for those who find they love the oil as much as I do. Prime My Body is an affiliate structured company and is growing through word of mouth by those who use it and love it.

I will be making this available for sale as a supplement in my practice. Let me know if you want to learn more about how this product might benefit you or purchase a sample bottle to try out for yourself!

And if the idea of being involved on a more engaged business level resonates with you, I’m happy to share what I’ve learned about those possibilities as well.

To your health,