What is Keto?


What is keto?

What is a ketogenic diet and is it a good choice for me?

Maybe you’ve heard someone discussing their keto diet or you’ve seen an article or two on keto. Or maybe you’ve never heard of it at all! So what the heck is keto?

‘Keto’ or the ketogenic diet is a way to retrain your body to be a fat-burner. It is a metabolic adjustment. (Really it is regaining our metabolic birthright!)

The ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein, very low carb way of eating.

Nutritional ketosis is not the same as ketoacidosis. Nutritional ketosis is a very natural state that is useful to human metabolism and survival.

Keto-adaptation is the process of retraining your body to burn fat instead of glucose (sugar) by eating a ketogenic diet for a period of time, usually 6-8 weeks. It is like training wheels for the metabolism! First re-learning to burn dietary fat, then relearning to burn our own stored fat. We are all born keto-adapted, and often lose this capacity due to a carb heavy diet and the resultant blood sugar dysregulation.


What are the benefits of keto adaptation?

            Weight loss without hunger

            Address insulin resistance and diabetes


            Reduced inflammation

            Greater mental focus

            Improvement of acne and other skin issues

            Reduction of cravings and hypoglycemic hunger patterns

            Neuro protective

            Address brain injury & post-concussive syndrome

            Migraine relief

            Enhanced athletic performance in longer endurance events

            Ability to engage in intermittent fasting comfortably


We are offering an 8 week keto-adaptation program in Seattle! I've developed a unique program in collaboration with Dr. Ian McLogan, naturopathic physician.

What is included in our 8 week keto-adaptation program?

            Five 90 minute classes

            A 30-minute private phone or Skype consult with Andrea

            Startup supplies: ketometer, 10 keto strips, log sheets

            Menu plan for 1 week with recipes and shopping guide

            Detailed class materials with lots of information and guides

            Tons of keto information, background, and resources

            Optional supplement recommendations

            Group support and email/FB support between classes

            Everything you need for keto-adaptation success!


Contact me for more information and come to our FREE info session on Monday, April 17th at 7pm in Columbia City. Email now to RSVP: andrea@nourishstrength.com




          “Andrea's approach to keto-adaptation has helped me reach my lowest weight in years, 30 pounds down in the last 4 months and 30 pounds more to go to reach my goal. It's amazing to be losing weight without ever feeling intense hunger or a lack of energy. In fact, I feel like I'm indulging myself at times, enjoying delicious high-fat meals and snacks that I would have seen as "unhealthy" in the past, while avoiding the sorts of low-fat/high-carb foods that I used to eat all the time. Andrea has a knack for keeping things simple and helping me focus on what really matters, and it's exciting to feel like my weight is truly under my own control!”