Top Causes of Death, Illustrated

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The things most likely to kill you, and the power that knowledge gives you

You have more power over your health than you can imagine.

In an article published earlier this year, there are infographics from the United Kingdom’s National Health Services showing in beautiful bold color and shape the leading causes of death and their corresponding leading causes.

I was struck by these visuals and bookmarked them to eventually share with all of you. What really fired me up about this article is that the top 6 causes (and a good majority of the overall by percentage) are all LIFESTYLE and DIET issues.

causes of death.png

This is powerful news. Let me rephrase that- most causes of death today are lifestyle and diet issues. That means you have the power to change the equation by changing your lifestyle and diet.

Here are the top six causes: heart and circulatory disorders, cancer, respiratory disorders, nervous system disorders, digestive disorders, and kidney disorders.

Now, their corresponding top causes: high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, obesity, low fruit and vegetables, physical inactivity, and alcohol. YOU CAN CHANGE EVERY ONE OF THOSE BY ADJUSTING LIFESTYLE AND DIET. There are a few genetic influences possible in there, but even those are hugely influenced by your daily choices.

All of this underlines the concept that our body wants to be in balance, or homeostasis, and when we remove the STRESSORS (things like smoking and poor food) and add in the missing NEEDS (things like more veggies and fruits, the right ratio of macronutrients, a good amount of movement) our bodies can right themselves.

And besides death itself, life is a lot more joyous, creative, and engaged when we are feeling good. Isn’t it worth addressing these factors just for that, not just so we don’t die sooner?

My job is to help guide my clients through the morass of conflicting information, to be a light and an ally on the unique path for each person to find their way to optimal health. My message is that there is so much each one of us can do to reclaim and protect our vitality, and it is well worth the effort and investment to do so. If you agree, let’s get started!