Earlier this year, I completed a rigorous functional nutrition and wellness training called Restorative Wellness, Level 1.

I am now officially a Restorative Wellness Practitioner, which means I get to add more initials after my name! It also means I have the great privilege of serving as guide and ally as my clients do deep work to discover and address the root issues of health imbalances in their bodies. As Restorative Wellness Practitioners, we seek to optimize the innate healing capacity of the body in re-establishing homeostasis (balance). We do not diagnose or treat; we identify and address unresolved stressors that continue to push the body out of balance.

Restorative Wellness takes the approach I have already been using as an NTP (nutritional therapy practitioner) and adds many more tools to my toolkit to enable me as a practitioner to be more accurate and precise in assessing imbalance and creating specific and finite healing protocols. Through this program I have added a deeper understanding of physiology and anatomy as well as the capability to add in information from various lab testing and assessment techniques. It is a powerful combo of investigative work that can accelerate the process of getting to the ROOT ISSUE and setting a course for healing.

In this level the focus included assessing and optimizing adrenal function, restoring digestive function, identifying and resolving food sensitivities, healing the gut, and how to customize diet to support healing protocols. The tests I now guide my clients to use include a cortisol saliva adrenal assessment panel, a GI (gastrointestinal) assessment panel, MRT food sensitivity blood testing, and also HTMA- hair tissue mineral analysis. I will speak to each of these in future blog posts.

Who benefits from this work?

This type of assessment ‘deep dive’ is particularly suited for you if you have not felt your best for some time or if you have a chronic condition that does not seem to improve. Chronic bloating, fatigue, skin issues, autoimmune conditions, digestive conditions, blood sugar imbalances, inflammatory conditions, unwanted weight, ongoing reflux, and similar. Perhaps you have seen practitioners and medical professionals but feel that the treatments have addressed symptoms rather than getting to the root cause.

But really, this work is for everyone who has a deep interest and commitment to taking their health to the next level. We know now that gut health is the root of total body health- and that if there is inflammation present in the body that we need to look to the gut. We also know now that most chronic diseases of the modern age can be traced back to inflammatory conditions in the body, and what does that lead us to? A need to improve gut health. I believe there is no one who would not benefit from this work.

If any of this resonates with you and you would like to have a conversation about how this new work might benefit you, do not hesitate to contact me to set up a phone call or email me with any questions. Here’s to your health!