INTENTION- Where are you steering your ship?


Intention is shaping your thoughts in the form of your vision for your life. It is powerful because rather than focusing on what you DON’T like and complaining or despairing, you are focusing on what you DO want. Holding intention can create a cascade of decisions and actions that bring your intention into reality. Writing your intention can be even more powerful. Sharing your intention with others on a similar path increases that power by magnitudes, as you become a community with an intention.

I invite you to sit down today and write your intention for how you want to live your life for the next month. See if it shapes your reality in the weeks to come. Share it with others if you want to increase the power of your writing.

If your intention includes claiming better health and wellness for yourself and staying on your game in the midst of all of the upcoming holiday excess, consider joining my next RESTART group, gearing up for our first class session Monday, November 7th from 7:00pm-8:30pm in the Columbia City area of Seattle. I've just got a couple spots left and a GREAT group shaping up.

Details and signup here:

Here’s what a participant in my most recent class had to say:

“This class was great for me because making a commitment and having a group to show up to seem to be good motivators- and I reached results that were better than I could have expected. Also learning about digestion, sugar, and fats helped me be both better informed and successful. It’s such a relief NOT to count calories or be hyper vigilant about every nutrient. I’m so much more relaxed about food and what to eat.”

What’s YOUR intention?