from a tiny lettuce seed...

from a tiny lettuce seed...

Ultimately, small changes consistently practiced over time can add up to big results. What are some small changes that you could make today?

Could you eat 3 cups of leafy greens?

Could you just say no to sugar?

Could you have a hearty breakfast with protein, fat, and veggies?

Could you order a salad with lots of veggies and protein instead of a sandwich for lunch?

Could you stop at the store and buy ingredients to make a simple but nourishing dinner?

Could you eat an avocado?

Could you smoke one less cigarette?

Could you skip wheat today?

Could you drink one less soda?

Could you buy organic produce instead of conventional?

Could you just say no to that stress inducing task?

Could you go for a 30 minute walk?

Could you go for a bike ride?

How about a hike? A swim in the lake?

Could you make time during your day to meditate for 10 minutes? 5 minutes?

Could you call a friend you haven't talked to for a while?

Could you start your day with a big glass of filtered water?

Could you put your screen/phone/laptop away 1 hour before bedtime?

Could you skip the pastry and have some nuts and berries for your snack instead?

Could you add some fermented vegetables to a meal?

Could you make your first batch of sauerkraut?

Could you go to bed 30 minutes earlier?

Could you refuse to make an impossible to do list for yourself?

Could you get outside and get some sunshine?


What small changes could you make today? Could you do the same tomorrow?