you can make it more than a few miles with all of this...

you can make it more than a few miles with all of this...

I'm thrilled to be heading out on an adventure tomorrow, traveling to Taos, New Mexico for a week of seeing old friends, skiing in the sun, and a little bit of nutrition work mixed in. I love bringing my own food along when I travel and never feel like I am at the mercy of expensive and unhealthy airport and airplane food. Plus, I've got a 3 hour drive after I land and I'd rather avoid having to stop and find food on that leg.

Every trip I have a slightly different assortment, but usually it's some mix of high quality protein, hydrating and nourishing fresh vegetables, and some sort of nuts and jerky products. Here's a list of what I've got above:

-Carrots, red pepper, and apple which will get sliced up before I go; tangerines

-Olives- great source of some good fats

-Raw hazelnuts and macadamias- these will provide good snacks all week long.

-Niman Ranch Roast Beef- superior in every way to any airport sandwich

-Epic bars- these are a little different but wonderful combos of good protein, a little carb, and nuts

-Trader Joe's seasoned kale chips

-Grass fed beef jerky

-88% dark chocolate- good to have a little treat along

-Emergen-C drink mix- just a little boost to the body's vitamin c, can add to water on the plane

A few things not pictured that are also great contenders:

-Lettuce wraps- turkey or any nice protein and avocado wrapped in lettuce with a little sea salt. Again, way better than any airport sando.

-Smoked salmon

-Hardboiled eggs

-Berries- not in season now, but when they are I always include a box of blueberries!

-The now famous Trader Joe's dehydrated broccoli- sold out!!

-Coconut for those who enjoy it

For more great ideas on travel food, check out my friend and fellow NTP Tera Bucasas's great post on this subject from her travels in South America. This post digs a little deeper on what you might want to take with you if you are traveling out of the country!

What kind of food do you like to bring on your travels? Let me know in the comments section.

Also, I will be doing a special edition of 'Eating Healthy Out' in Taos! Look for that when I get back.

Here's hoping everyone has a great adventure in their lives next week!