BEAUTYCOUNTER: good clean products for our largest organ, the skin!

Pretty much every protocol I write includes a line about checking to make sure your personal care products are non-toxic and that you aren't increasing your toxic burden by what you put on your skin. We absorb materials through our skin as much as through our digestive system, and in fact a number of products I use in my work deliver their ingredients through the skin.

It might seem easier said than done to ensure the safety of your beauty products but one company has made it their mission to only use safe ingredients, and they also make lovely things. I have a sweet friend who is now representing Beautycounter products, so I've had a chance to get to know a few and I love them; I also think they make nice Christmas gifts! I asked Meggan to share a bit of info about this company so I could share it with you, and here is what she wrote:


"Being 19 weeks pregnant, now more than ever, I am very aware of what I put on my skin and body. I know I am not the only one that has spent years, not to mention countless dollars, on "organic" and "safe" personal care items that never delivered the results I wanted and always had a handful of questionable ingredients. This is because the regulations surrounding beauty and personal care items in the U.S. have not been updated since 1938! The very short legal document, created almost 80 years ago, has only 11 banned ingredients listed. By comparison, the E.U. has a list of over 1,300 banned ingredients, a list that is constantly being updated as further research is completed.

Beautycounter, however, has developed a chic and affordable line of products dedicated to safety and performance, with a current list of over 1,500 banned ingredients. In addition to our healthy products, Beautycounter has a social mission that is at the forefront of our brand: We educate families about the need for safer chemicals and advocate for true change in today’s marketplace. Not only is this part of the mission, it’s something our founder, Gregg Renfrew, fights for in Washington constantly.

I am excited to be a part of Beautycounter, not only because the products are fabulous--right now we have essential and anti-aging skin care and facial products, body & hair care products for children and adults, a beautiful make-up collection, and we are currently developing a deodorant--but because I love being part of a movement dedicated to placing consumer pressure in the marketplace to effect change in Washington. Just like with food, we deserve to know what we are putting in or on our bodies.



December is the perfect time of year to give the gift of beauty and safety. Beautycounter has an amazing holiday collection to help you shop for everyone on your list, including my personal favorite, our Lustro Sugar Scrub and Enrich Body Butter; it’s a little piece of pampering heaven that you can gift to yourself, or someone on your list."


-Meggan Godwin



So, if you are looking for some luscious Christmas gift ideas that won't increase your toxic burden, give Meggan a call. And, no matter what products you buy, do your best to educate yourself on how to introduce the least amount of toxins through your skin! You can check any product's ingredients here:





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