I'm thankful for all of you who have made this journey possible

I'm thankful for all of you who have made this journey possible


I hope you are looking forward to some down time with those you love and some good food.



I think Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on the 80/20 concept- 80% on protocol, 20% wiggle room. It’s a great structure that is used across many fields. Celebration dinners are times to relax, enjoy the joys of life, family, friends, and delicious food, and not get hung up too much on what and how much you are eating and drinking.

However, a couple guidelines can keep things on the positive side of the line, and they are really simple. If you have serious food sensitivities, then those things should not be included in your 20%. And this goes to the second guideline- just ask yourself how you want to feel. If you can answer that question honestly, it will guide you. If you have food sensitivities, and you know gluten makes you feel awful for two days, then let that guide you to avoid gluten but find another treat to enjoy. Additionally, it can help you find the line between enough food/drink to feel really satisfied, and too much.

And don’t forget to drink lots of good, filtered water along with everything else.


Down time over the holidays is a great time to de-stress.  My friend Baxter has been working hard with her team to bring a new breath-taking app into the world and has made the beta tracks available for listening. This group of qualified yoga therapists has designed a breathing practice to directly effect the parasympathetic nervous system (helping to calm symptoms of stress and anxiety, and aiding in digestion, detoxification, and cell regeneration.)

http://www.breathtakingapp.com/breath-tracks1.html  (have a listen!)

People with high blood pressure will especially benefit from them. Find the breathing track most suited to you, then measure your blood pressure both before and after the breath practice to see the effect it has.

Since they are measuring people's experience before releasing these practices in an app, they would appreciate you leaving your feedback at the end!


Have a great holiday!