Creativity and Nourishment: We Are All Artists

Nourishing our bodies and our spirits is a creative act. It is part of engaging with the world, taking in the creative energy around us in the form of nutrient dense foods or works of art or books that speak to us, or ways of moving our bodies, so that we can transform that energy through our own unique being and send our own creativity, our own contribution, back out into the world to energize and inspire someone else. This is why it is so important to be aware of what we are putting in our bodies at all times- an artist needs the best materials to make the best work!

We are all artists and our lives are our art. Our experiences in this life and how we live our lives is our art. There are visual artists, of course; also elementary teacher artists, accountant artists, retail sales artists, psychologist artists, restaurant worker artists, office worker artists, and on and on. Everyone is an artist and we create our art by how gracefully we live in the moment.

 How much energy can you put into your ‘art’, how present can you be, how well you are able to make connections to your surroundings, and connections to the people around you? I'm talking about how to cultivate the best energy, so that your ‘art’ (i.e., your life) can be the most authentic and most powerful of its kind, whatever it is. I'm talking about food for your cells, and food for your soul.

So take the pressure off; this is not about achievement for achievement’s sake. This is about channeling the energy of our surroundings (nutrition, of all types), in the optimal way to express our full creative desire in the world, in the way that fits each one of us the best.

 For myself, I know there is no question that when I am taking care to keep my refrigerator stocked with good nutrient dense food, get to my 6am yoga class, get a quick run or walk in, read a few pages of that book I just can’t put down, and take a few moments to reflect on life each day, then I am much more able to connect in a meaningful way with my family, keep my space clean and restful, create from my heart, and have a smile for those I meet in my day. I feel like I am living my life instead of my life living me. When I find myself losing track of these sources of nourishment, I lose the edge of energy and inspiration that pulls me forward; I have to stop, go back, find where I lost the thread, and reclaim it. This is my practice.

Reclaim the creativity inherent in nourishing yourself, even if you don't know how that energy will flow through you and back out into the world. We can't help but be creative beings, and our best work happens when we give ourselves the nourishment we need (our ‘artist’ tools): great nutrition, exercise, connection, inspiration, freedom to play and experiment without self judgment, and love.

When do you feel most creative? When do you feel most nourished? Can you make a connection between the two? What is your ‘art’?

Share your stories below.