Move a little every day

Making good dietary choices is not the only component to a healthy lifestyle. Moving our body every day is just as important. Unless you want to train towards an event or compete as an elite athlete, it is not necessary to force yourself to complete grueling workouts. In fact in some cases overtraining can be stressful on the body and work against greater health.

What is important is to move every day. Ideally I tell clients to try to get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day. One of the best and simplest ways to do this is to go for a brisk walk. Other great ways to accomplish this are swimming, playing soccer with kids, biking to work or errands, climbing a few extra flights of stairs throughout the day- you get the idea. Our bodies were meant to be moving and too much sedentary life can even create negative changes in the brain as described in this NY Times article:

Even a nice moderate level of exercise like 30 minutes a day of walking will result in so many benefits. The body will use its store of blood glucose, helping with blood sugar regulation. The lymph system, which is only moved through body movement, will get a nice shakeup, helping with our body's detoxification systems.  And, if you can get outside, the fresh air will help oxygenate and refresh your system, along with having a wonderfully balancing effect on mood.

Make a commitment to yourself to move at least 30 minutes every day no matter what and enjoy the results!