Breakfast- It really is the most important meal of the day!

For best energy throughout the day and nice, steady blood sugar control, it is critically important to start the day with a nutrient dense and low carb breakfast.  I think one of the hardest components of transitioning to a healthier way of eating is coming up with good breakfast ideas that are high in quality fats and proteins and low in carbs. By keeping carbohydrates fairly low at breakfast, you reduce the amount of insulin released into the blood. This prevents a blood sugar crash happening later as the result of excessive insulin.

Insulin is meant to store glucose in cells, and excessive carbohydrates, especially refined carbohydrates, can really spike this powerful hormone. When large amounts of insulin are released, it can result in a seesaw effect of drastically lowering blood glucose, causing blood sugar crashes and irresistible urges for mid morning pastries and coffee! And so begins the hypoglycemic roller coaster.

You can get off this roller coaster by supplying your body with good fats (the ‘logs’ on the fire of metabolism, long-lasting) and good quality proteins at your first meal of the day. Many of the traditional western breakfast foods are not actually very wise choices- refined cereals, pastries, pancakes, French toast, juice, and toast with jam are all blood sugar spikers. Instead, try having classics like bacon and eggs, or why not even break tradition and have dinner leftovers, or smoked salmon and avocado with tomatoes, sautéed greens and leftover grass fed beef, sweet potatoes heated up in coconut oil with fried eggs on top, you get the picture. If you’re really feeling the need to scratch that classic breakfast itch, you can make amazing pancakes from Honeyville almond flour, now found at Costco. See the recipe page of this website for the recipe. Serve with a drizzle of real maple syrup (just a tiny bit) and some good sausage or bacon. Yum!! And if you want to have that traditional oatmeal, use steel cut oats, soak them overnight and rinse before cooking, and have them with plenty of butter and cream or coconut milk! Even better, add an egg or two.

The paleo tradition does a GREAT job with healthy nourishing breakfast ideas, and this link proves the point: 80 great breakfast ideas!!