I come to this work from a very personal place. Around June of 2011, my youngest child had just turned one. My oldest was about to be four. Somehow, along with the joys of adding two beautiful daughters to our family, I had also added nearly 70 pounds of weight to my body. I felt awful, had low energy, hated how I looked in my clothes (all of which were 'soft'; no 'hard' pants for me at that time) and felt desperate for a change.

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I stumbled upon a few key pieces of information via friends that allowed me to finally turn that situation around. In about 5 months I had lost close to 50 pounds and I finally was able to be active again; I took up running (slowly) and in spring of 2012 completed my first half marathon, on Whidbey Island. I got back to triathlon (I had completed the Danskin right before my first pregnancy) and completed the Seafair and Danskin sprint triathlons that year.

I felt grateful for my transformation and a need to share what I had learned with others, but no formal way to do so. I began searching for a way to formally complete a nutrition education program and found the Nutritional Therapy Association. A good friend of mine by chance had also heard of the program and decided to take it on so we did it together. Needless to say, I learned far more through the process and found myself feeling more committed to working with clients one-on-one to realize their health goals, often weight management like mine had been, but as I had learned along the way, so much more. I now believe weight loss, if needed, is a by-product of correcting nutrition and lifestyle, and just one of the many wonderful results of regaining optimal health through nutritional therapy.

Since completing the NTA program to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I have continued to fine tune my own way of eating; I finally feel like I know how to eat in the best way for my body. I truly feel, at age 44, that I am finally the healthiest I have ever been! I have a wonderfully positive relationship with food and I am armed with all the tools I need to navigate our modern food supply and provide myself and my family with the best nutrition I can, to keep us healthy, happy, and satisfied. And, my new understanding of nutrition (along with massive support from my family) supported my reaching a life long goal last October- completing a full marathon (in Portland).

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I would love to hear your stories and help you reach your health and nutrition goals, and support your quest for new vitality and energy.