Reclaim Your Energy

and Feel Good Again!

I am Andrea J. Walker, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Radiant Health Specialist!

My journey from lackluster to vibrant and energized:

Before my own journey, when I woke up in the morning, I would feel like I had been hit by a truck I was so tired and achy. As soon as I felt overwhelmed with life I would reach for the comfort food I knew was bad for my body but propped up my soul. This, of course, was a downward spiral.

Eventually I found a way forward, but it took a long time- I had to find each piece myself, with a combination of luck, struggle, and trial and error.

By putting together each nugget of information I found, I started feeling energized in the morning, I shed the extra pounds I had been dragging around, and I began to feel like I knew how to properly fuel my body and my spirit for the first time in my life. I started sleeping better, kicked the sugar habit, and found the spark I needed to get moving again. I also found my voice and desire to share these valuable tools with others.

I felt hope again, and I have continued the journey forward, maintaining those initial changes and adding on deeper tools of reconnecting our mind and body, letting go of the negative thought patterns that hold us back, and evolving even more into authenticity.

I know how it feels to think you are stuck; not feeling comfortable in your skin, not knowing what to eat to feel good, feeling held back by self-doubt and limiting beliefs, wondering if you will ever reach the point in your life where you are truly living up to your potential and living you creativity with vitality and energy.

I used to feel lost and scattered, low energy and aimless, not feeling at home in myself, and lacking any sense of work/life balance.

So, it is nice to meet you- I am Andrea J. Walker, NTP, a Radiant Health Specialist. I help people liberate themselves from their perceived restrictions so they can feel alive and energetic!

I can help you restore your hope too.

I lead a program where I use the tools and knowledge I’ve gained and create a custom fit just for you and your specific needs- no more cookie cutter solutions! To accomplish this, we work together through changes in mindset, habits, nutrition, and lifestyle. I will guide you to align your inner compass with powerful clarity so you can step into the full expression of your creative gift, and finally be able to create the life you envision!

I am excited to help you with your energy struggles. To schedule a Radiant Health Custom Consult today or to find out how else we can work together, go here:

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