Nourish Strength
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Do you wish you could get your energy back?

You can!!

Purchase my online course, The Four Pillars of Radiance, to get started today!

Hello! I am Andrea J. Walker, NTP; I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a Radiant Health Specialist!

My mission is to promote your radiant health and energy, and to support you as you liberate yourself from perceived restrictions and step into your true creative power!

I want to help you overcome blocks and feel better in your body, so you can have more energy to do the things that really matter.




  • Learn the four key foundational pieces needed to uncover your inner radiance!

  • Begin to remove your basic blocks to feeling good in this introductory online course!

  • Explore what is blocking your energy around mindset, lifestyle, and nutrition!

  • Discover a path forward to help you release those blocks and rediscover your best energy!

  • Dig deep into your energy blocks and rebuild using lifestyle, nutrition, and mindset changes!

  • Feel comfortable in your own skin, energized and alive!

Here’s what folks are saying:

“I don’t think I can overemphasize the value of a coach/trainer, for efficiency, but also to improve odds of success and get faster results. I would estimate that my odds of success with a coach are above 80%, and good results within 2 months, whereas without, probably 20%, and it may take years. I realize I just started week 5 of the program. This is a nice milestone, because it’s the longest I’ve stuck with a diet and lifestyle change ever. I think previously 3 weeks was my max. Your support and knowledge is very effective! I am thankful that you are so passionate about all of this. The energy is great.” -P.N.

“Hi Andrea, I will say that this lifestyle change has been so rewarding. I am having one of my first non-painful moon cycle build ups before my actual period. So this is a lifestyle that I am adopting and I am happy to share that I have lost 10 pounds!” -R. A.


Schedule a session today to explore how this work might benefit your specific situation and support you in feeling your best!

  • Explore how identifying and removing blocks can allow you to release a limiting identity and fully claim your authentic vitality

  • Discover four key elements to start creating your new energetic life and how you can apply them to your life immediately

  • Be seen and heard fully, and receive customized suggestions for up-leveling your nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle in simple but effective ways

  • Learn if this work is a good fit for you and what is possible if you decide to go further

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